3 Easy Steps to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Francesca Fay
4 min readJul 24, 2020

Growing up as an atheist, I viewed angels as a lovely décor piece during the festive period or a flirtatious costume choice for a Halloween party. I never imagined that one day I would form a powerful connection with my own guardian angel. Receiving a sense of support and guidance that would match no other.

Belief in guardian angels can be traced through Greek philosophy, the old & new testament, Judaic rabbinic literature and the mu’aqqibat of the Qur’an. These angels are devoted to protecting and guiding us in this physical world from birth until death. Our guardian angels will not intervene in our lives unless they are invited, or we face a life-threatening situation before our time.

I was inspired to connect with the spiritual realm after reading one of the chapters in the book Super-Attractor by Gabby Bernstein. At first, I was reluctant and was tempted to skip the section entirely in search of a more comfortable subject to digest. However, the beautiful teachings of this book compelled me to keep an open mind and try something new. Whether you believe in spirit guides or not, I invite you to try the below methods to connect with your own guardian angel too. What’s the worst that can happen? Like me, you may find it all a bit silly, a bit of fun, but what happens next may blow your mind!

  1. Have an open mind and be willing to receive guidance

The first step and most important is to be willing to ask and be open enough to receive guidance from your guardian angel.

There are many ways to receive messages from your guardian angel. They may visit you in a dream, you may hear an audible voice, calming energy, a buzzing feeling on your skin or you may be compelled to pick up a pen and write. I know my guardian angel is with me and listening when I close my eyes. I see a tiny but very bright speck of light dancing energetically behind my eyelids.

Angels will also give you a friendly spiritual style nudge that they have an essential message for you. Do you wake up at the same time in the middle of the night? See numbers regularly, get unexpected energy bursts or feel a pull to do something? This might be a sign that your angel is trying to communicate with you. Believe it or not, my guardian angel sometimes gives me signs…



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